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70 times in this book. Be careful not to begin looking within your self for continued assurance of this fact. Christians who do this invariably lose their joy. Your feelings as a new Christian will probably change daily. Most Christians experience some feelings of doubt or confusion concerning their new life as a child of God. But the facts of Gods Word are unchanging and absolutely reliable. Many verses from John have reminded believers of the joy of their salvation but one promise has been especially com forting. In John 524 Jesus pledged ...whoever hears My word and believes the One who sent Me has eternal life and will not come into judgment but has passed from death to life. This verse contains one condition and three results. If I trust in Gods promise concerning Jesus then 1 I have eternal life 2 I will not come into judgment and 3 I have passed from death to life. Note the careful wording of Christs statement. There should be no doubt Those who hear His message and believe already have eternal life will not be judged for their sin and have already begun their new life. Have you understood the message of John Have you believed that Jesus is telling the truth when He claims to be the Son of God who gives eternal life to everyone who believes in Him Then you can claim this precious promise from the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Regardless of how you feel or what people may say you have eternal life. What Now Now that you are a Christian there are several things which will help you grow in your spiritual life. We would recommend that you begin this growth today by 1. Praying talking to God daily. 2. Reading the Bible daily. We suggest you start with the Book of Philippians then Romans. Later you might want to read through the whole New Testament starting with the Book of Matthew. Concluding Notes